The modern JavaScript landscape is chaotic.

A dizzying array of options. Always a new flavor-of-the-week tool or framework to learn.

We can't follow every trend! Some of us have ship real things that actually work, that work now, and that will work years from now.

The enemy isn't obsolescence, the enemy is complexity.

What if we could tame the MONSTER!?

What if instead of studying solutions, we studied the problems and the patterns that can address them?

What if we saw development tools for what they are: a means to an end, not a religion to follow?

What if we identified proven patterns for expressing complex logic without writing complex code?

What if we optimized for the ability to adapt our code over time?


Human Redux

Practical patterns for the hardest problems in JavaScript apps:

  1. Containing complexity as requirements shift
  2. Managing application state

And now a word from the author, Henrik Joreteg:

Here's what you'll learn:

Proven patterns from real-world use of Redux on large applications.

How Redux is really more of a pattern than a library.

How Redux works and how to use it effectively.

How to build "honey badger" apps that expect and recover from failure.

How to effectively use client-side caching (versioning, cache invalidation, and max age).

How you can use Redux to manage clientside routing too.

How to keep your apps fast and tiny. Start with a 15kb toolkit instead of hundreds of kilobytes.

How to run an entire Redux store in a WebWorker.

How to defeat the monster of complexity.

Content preview:

There's a sample chapter published on Henrik's Blog and below is the table of contents:

Part I: Redux Basics

Part II: Redux Patterns

Here's what's included:

(100 user site license also available during checkout)